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This site has been available to the general public since August 2008. The site is continuously updated with new material to ensure a one-stop-shop for all the needs of the Hindus around the globe.

Thakur Bhim Singh Ganpat was very passionate about Hindu Religion & Culture right from his childhood days ie when he was 7 years old. During the last 33 years he had collected many famous articles on this subject, pooja vidhis for many Hindu events,  large number of bhajan lyrics, material on Bhakti & Gyan and the like. He realised that all his collection would be worthless if he did not share it with others. He remembered that when he was an young lad in his village, there were many older individuals who had vast knowledge in this field but it all became worthless after their deaths as they had not parted these to others. Hence with this thought in mind he started sharing his collection and knowledge with others by making copies of his collection on paper and now through website to one and all.

Thakur Bhim Singh Ganpat has read the 18 Puraans and a number of Hindu religious scriptures and has found too many contradicting information from one to the other. As a result he is now in the process of formulating a Granth that will ensure that there is no more confusion in the minds of ordinary people. All Hindus know that there is only one God who has infinite names. But despite this knowledge, more and more Hindus especially the younger generation and those that are borne in foreign land, are so much confused that they are changing their religion to Christianity or something else. This is because many of our Puraans tend to downgrade dieties (or avtaars) of other Puraans. The Granth that Thakur is in the process of formulating will clarify most of these conflicting issues and bring about the oneness with one feeling for the almighty amongst the Hindus living not only in India but also over the universe. Thakur has realised that the future generation will tend to ignore the present Hindu philosophy due to the complexities created by our scriptures and our leaders mainly, Purohits, Parcharaks, Achariyes, Pundits, Rishis, Munies, Maharishis, swamies and speakers and writers of Hindu religion. He has realised that the Hindu religion is fading away very quickly and other religions such as Christianity, Muslim and Budhism are doing very well and their followers are united in their beliefs. Hinduism, on the other hand is losing its support specially from the newer generation. Hence there is a definite need for ensuring that the oldest religion is protected and has a defined path to follow and not be left to drift in many directions due to infinite number of paths as laid down in different scriptures. Being the oldest religion, Hindus or Sanatanees are the weakest and poorest in terms of unity, oneness, support and help for one another. These qualities are divided amongst the Sanatan Dharam followers mainly because of many different rules that are laid down from a number of scriptures that has created confusion in the minds of the younger generation who are unable to find satisfactory answers to their questions. Read more on this topic

Thakur Bhim Singh is a Parcharak and a bhajan singer. He has recorded bhajan CDs that can be made available just via a phone call. A number of his bhajans can be found on youtube on Google under the heading "Thakur Bhim Singh Ganpat".

Thakur's email contact is bhim@thakurbhimsingh.com  should you wish to contact him or desire to drop in a line.

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Learning from Holy Scriptures and Saints (Saadhus) and Endeavouring to Follow their Path


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